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Relying on our ownisn’t always the best option

Not everything is easy to comprehend, and not everything doable. Sure, you may have come from a prestigious school, or work in a reputable company. Working as an employee or in management is far different from managing and solving computer-related computing errors, installation, troubleshooting and other specifics. At one point, we need to ask assistance from these real experts who are dealing with this type of support.

Contacting The Right Assistance

Citrix assistance iscommittedin delivering a focus-based, and real-time solutions to ensure that the client’s support request is routed to correct resources. This way, it can easily be addressed and diagnose the imminent errors and possible risks ahead. Citrix Support caters these types of problems:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Break-fix
  • Client side Application installation
  • Monitoring
  • Citrix Site Health checks
  • Compatibility and Integration of the application
  • Guidance
  • Application and Desktop performance
  • Technical Support and Maintenance
  • Remote working connectivity
  • Enablement
  • User Profile Corruption
  • Server Registration andbalancing load
  • Data Security
  • Citrix misconfiguration
  • Optimization tweaks

Aside from these common problems, there are still many types of services and plans that they can offer. It just a matter of knowing what you and your business need.

How Support Is Delivered

Depending on the urgency of the problem, the normal process is getting a ticket from the Support Team. You canalso contact them via number or local phone.

You need to enter all the specifics about your request, the type of problem and what initiative have you been doing while waiting for their support. Sometimes a direct phone call is advisable as it one of the fastest response one can do. There are other instances that they will ask for remote access in order to accurately identify the gravity of the problem to come up with solutions.